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ETS TOEIC 2020 – Test 06: Listening

Part 1

Directions: For each question in this part, you will hear four statements about a picture in your test book. When you hear the statements, you must select the one statement that best describes what you see in the picture. Then find the number of the question on your answer sheet and mark your answer. The statements will not be printed in your text book and will be spoken only one time.





Part 2

Directions: You will hear a question or statement and three responses spoken in English. They will not be printed in your text book and will be spoken only one time. Select the best response to the question or statement and mark the letter (A), (B), (C) on your answer sheet.


  1. Why were you late for work today?

(A) It’s on my desk.

(B) Because I got stuck in traffic.

(C) Later this afternoon.

  1. Where’s your apartment building located?

(A) Not very often.

(B) Twenty floors.

(C) On Fifth Avenue.

  1. Which flavor ice cream would you like?

(A) Yes, in a bowl.

(B) I’ll take chocolate, please.

(C) The booth over there.

  1. Who’s going to pick up Pablo from the airport?

(A) A driver will pick him up at twelve.

(B) They‘re my favorite airline.

(C) At the baggage claim.

  1. Where’s the train station?

(A) I always listen to that radio station.

(B) An informative training session.

(C) Right next to the university.

  1. When will the cleaning products be delivered?

(A) By truck.

(B) In two days.

(C) A manufacturing plant.

  1. We haven’t received the electric bill yet, have we?

(A) Sure, I’ll turn it on.

(B) No, not yet.

(C) A credit card.

  1. How did you enjoy your stay?

(A) I had a great time.

(B) About seven thirty.

(C) He left it at work.

  1. Who won the Employee of the Month award?

(A) My dinner was delicious, thanks.

(B) Just a few minutes after three o’clock.

(C) It still hasn’t been announced.

  1. Do you want me to reserve a ticket for you?

 (A) I can’t say that I have.

(B) A higher ticket price.

(C) Yes, I’d appreciate that.

  1. Does your bus stop by the construction site?

(A) Oh, I’m going by car.

(B) A new building company.

(C) Did you go on Tuesday or Thursday?

  1. There’s a discount on this stove, right?

(A) No, I sell kitchen appliances.

(B) He’s an excellent cook.

(C) Yes, it’s twenty-five percent off.

  1. Could you show me where the electronics department is?

(A) The show starts at eight P.M

(B) Replace the batteries.

(C) Sure, follow me.

  1. What’s this shirt made of?

(A) In Spain, | believe.

(B) Let me check the label.

(C) It also comes in blue.

  1. Will the social media workshop end before six P.M.?

(A) No, the late shift.

(B) The schedule’s online.

(C) I only read newspapers.

  1. Which suitcase do you like better, the yellow one or the red one?

(A) It’s an annual conference.

(B) The yellow one is a good size.

(C) I should book my flight soon.

  1. The parking area in front of the warehouse’s been closed.

(A) There’re more spaces in the back.

(B) Here’s an extra uniform.

(C) No, just open the boxes.

  1. These shoes look nice, don’t they?

(A) I think you should try this pair instead.

(B) The clothing store near my house.

(C) Yes, it was nice to meet her.

  1. Let’s leave early for our lunch with the clients.

(A) I still have a lot to do.

(B) A different menu item.

(C) No, I haven’t met him.

  1. When will you sell your property?

(A) There’s a sale at the supermarket.

(B) Yes, we liked it.

(C) We don’t have a real estate agent yet.

  1. These business cards are attractive.

(A) Offices open at nine a.m.

(B) Yes, the design is professional.

(C) No, the keys are the same.

  1. How long does it take to become a plumber?

(A) It happened last week.

(B) A price estimate for metal pipes.

(C) Are you interested in training for that job?

  1. Don’t we have an extra table in the supply closet?

(A) We’re using it for the holiday party.

(B) Yes, you can close it.

(C) Maria just ordered more paper.

  1. Where should I go when I visit New York?

(A) Every month,

(B) To the Botanical Gardens.

(C) Twenty dollars

  1. Has someone booked a room for today’s budget meeting?

(A) I really enjoyed the book.

(B) Did you turn off the equipment?

(C) The meeting is tomorrow.

Part 3

Directions: You will hear some conversations between two or more people. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speakers say in each conversation. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. The conversations will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.


  1. What is the woman trying to do?

(A) Buy a computer

(B) Reserve a flight

(C) Mail a package

(D) Pick up a vehicle

  1. What did the woman forget to bring?

(A) A credit card

(B) A confirmation number

(C) Some coupons

(D) Some identification

  1. What does the man say he will do?

(A) Search a database

(B) Explain a contract

(C) Talk to a manager

(D) Prepare a shipment

  1. Why did the man go to Amy’s office?

(A) To request some time off

(B) To demonstrate a product

(C) To drop off some paperwork

(D) To schedule an appointment

  1. Why is Amy unavailable?

(A) She is preparing to travel.

(B) She is speaking with a client.

(C) She is attending a seminar.

(D) She is working on a report.

  1. What will the man most likely do next?

(A) Meet a colleague for lunch

(B) Conduct a training session

(C) Clean a meeting room

(D) Print some instructions

  1. Why is the woman calling?

(A) To update an address

(B) To make a complaint

(C) To renew a subscription

(D) To inquire about employment

  1. Why does the man apologize?

(A) A discount does not apply.

(B) A service agreement has ended.

(C) A business has closed.

(D) A security procedure has changed.

  1. What does the man say he will do?

(A) Change a delivery time

(B) Send a document

(C) Speak with a supervisor

(D) Provide a phone number

  1. Where do the speakers most likely work?

(A) At a manufacturing company

(B) At a grocery store

(C) At an employment agency

(D) At a shipping service

  1. According to the men, what is causing a problem?

(A) Some workers have called in sick.

(B) A vehicle has broken down.

(C) A machine is operating slowly.

(D) The boxes are the wrong size.

  1. What does the woman suggest?

(A) Checking a warranty

(B) Postponing an inspection

(C) Purchasing a different product

(D) Scheduling a repair

  1. What are the speakers discussing?

(A) A new product

(B) A company merger

(C) Cost estimates

(D) Survey results

  1. According to the man, what is the main problem?

(A) His team is unable to complete a project on time.

(B) Some employees did not receive a salary increase.

(C) There is too much noise in the office.

(D) There are not enough parking spaces.

  1. What does the woman suggest doing?

(A) Reminding people about a company policy

(B) Hiring some temporary staff

(C) Moving to a different building

(D) Speaking to the management team

  1. What is the woman calling about?

(A) Processing a payment

(B) Printing invitations

(C) Hiring extra help

(D) Filling an order

  1. What does the man imply when he says, “the request came directly from the client’?

(A) Some contact information is incorrect.

(B) A change is not possible.

(C) A worker is highly qualified.

(D) A fee has been discussed.

  1. What does the woman say she will do?

(A) Revise a bill

(B) Set up a meeting

(C) Contact some businesses

(D) Pack some merchandise

  1. What did the woman win a prize for?

(A) Having the highest sales numbers

(B) Providing excellent customer service

(C) Working at the company for ten years

(D) Reducing costs on a project

  1. What will the woman do this weekend?

(A) Visit a branch office

(B) Attend a conference

(C) Join a fitness club

(D) Go on a vacation

  1. What does the woman say she will do with the prize?

(A) Display it in her office

(B) Exchange it at the store

(C) Offer it to someone else

(D) Use it at a later date

  1. Where does the conversation most likely take place?

(A) In a train station

(B) In a hotel

(C) In a theater

(D) In a computer store

  1. Why does the man say, “This is my first visit here”?

(A) To explain his concern

(B) To provide an excuse

(C) To ask for permission

(D) To request a recommendation

  1. Why does the woman recommend making a purchase on the Internet?

(A) More products are available.

(B) It is not necessary to wait in line.

(C) The price is reduced.

(D) Shipping is free.

  1. Which industry do the speakers most likely work in?

(A) Home construction

(B) Finance

(C) Web design

(D) Health care

  1. What does the man recommend?

(A) Hiring an accountant

(B) Changing operating hours

(C) Purchasing office supplies

(D) Revising a timeline

  1. What does the woman say she will do?

(A) Pick up an application

(B) Submit an invoice

(C) Schedule a workshop

(D) Make an appointment

  1. Why is the woman at Regal Advertising?

(A) For a photography session

(B) For a client consultation

(C) For a job interview

(D) For a building opening

  1. What does the woman say is her specialty?

(A) Researching international laws

(B) Creating designs for billboards

(C) Building a strong customer base

(D) Finding cost-efficient business solutions

  1. What does the woman say she appreciates about Regal?

(A) The company creates unique designs.

(B) The company has offices overseas.

(C) The company is dedicated to research.

(D) The company values its employees.


  1. What problem does the woman report?

(A) She forgot to bring a laptop.

(B) She is running late.

(C)A flight was overbooked.

(D) A guest speaker canceled.

  1. Look at the graphic. Where are the speakers going?

(A) To Los Angeles

(B) To San Antonio

(C) To San Jose

(D) To Las Vegas

  1. What does the woman ask the man to do?

(A) Postpone an event

(B) Borrow some equipment

(C) File a complaint

(D) Make a phone call


  1. What problem does the woman mention?

(A) Some labels are incorrect.

(B) An item is unpopular.

(C) A shipment is delayed.

(D) More storage space is needed.

  1. Look at the graphic. Which shelf will the man work on today?

(A) Shelf 4

(B) Shelf 2

(C) Shelf 3

(D) Shelf 4

  1. What does the woman tell the man to do?

(A) Sign for a delivery

(B) Put price tags on some items

(C) Contact a different supplier

(D) Move a display table


  1. What kind of business does the man want to start?

(A) A shop

(B) A restaurant

(C) A bank

(D) A farm

  1. What does the man say he learned from his previous business?

(A) How to apply for an operating permit

(B) How to negotiate a vendor contract

(C) How to make attractive advertisements

(D) How to identify potential customers

  1. Look at the graphic. Which part of the business plan does the woman suggest revising?

(A) Part 2

(B) Part 3

(C) Part 4

(D) Part 5

Part 4

Directions: You will hear some talks given by a single speaker. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speaker says in each talk. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. The talks will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.


  1. What industry does the speaker most likely work in?

(A) Information Technology

(B) Shipping and Receiving

(C) Advertising

(D) Manufacturing

  1. What is the speaker mainly talking about?

(A) A budget proposal

(B) Product designs

(C) A project delay

(D) Sample photos

  1. What are the listeners asked to do?

(A) Review a schedule

(B) Work overtime

(C) Suggest some ideas

(D) Prepare a presentation

  1. What is the main purpose of the message?

(A) To complain about parking

(B) To confirm a move-in date

(C) To discuss a rent increase

(D) To report a broken appliance

  1. What does the speaker say he did yesterday?

(A) He started a new job.

(B) He talked to his neighbors.

(C) He helped a friend move.

(D) He went to a party.

  1. What does the speaker plan to do tomorrow?

(A) Attend a music concert

(B) Borrow a vehicle

(C) Pay a late bill

(D) Stop by an office

  1. Where do the listeners probably work?

(A) At an accounting firm

(B) At a software company

(C) At a travel agency

(D) At a shipping warehouse

  1. What does the speaker imply when she says, “Now, there’s a box in the staff room”?

(A) Some materials have been relocated.

(B) A shipment is urgent.

(C) A problem has been solved.

(D) A task was not completed.

  1. What will the speaker do on Fridays?

(A) Meet with clients

(B) Make deliveries

(C) Summarize feedback

(D) Inspect facilities

  1. What type of business recorded the message?

(A) A construction company

(B) A law firm

(C) An electronics manufacturer

(D) An insurance agency

  1. What does the speaker say about the office?

(A) It has moved to a different location.

(B) Its business hours have changed.

(C) It is closed for a holiday.

(D) It is being renovated.

  1. What are the listeners instructed to do?

(A) Send an e-mail

(B) Visit a Web site

(C) Call at a later time

(D) Fill out a form

  1. What is the broadcast mainly about?

(A) Projected employment figures

(B) An international fashion conference

(C) An advertising campaign

(D) The relocation of a business

  1. According to the speaker, who is Sharon Rockford?

(A) An architect

(B) A fashion designer

(C) A company president

(D) A magazine editor

  1. What is Broadchurch Fashions planning to do next spring?

(A) Introduce a woman’s clothing line

(B) Hire a celebrity spokesperson

(C) Start an online business

(D) Sponsor a charitable event

  1. What kind of equipment has just been installed?

(A) Shredders

(B) Projectors

(C) Computers

(D) Printers

  1. What product feature does the speaker emphasize?

(A) It is energy efficient.

(B) It is durable.

(C) It is secure.

(D) It is inexpensive.

  1. Why does the speaker say, “but they’re generally very busy”?

(A) To complain about a difficult work schedule

(B) To offer to repair some equipment

(C) To encourage the listeners to be patient

(D) To suggest hiring more staff

  1. Where does the speaker most likely work?

(A) At a driving school

(B) At an automobile dealership

(C) At a manufacturing plant

(D) At a delivery service

  1. What did the survey gather information about?

(A) Safety practices

(B) Employee engagement

(C) Interest in new merchandise

(D) Customer satisfaction

  1. What incentive did the company provide for returning the survey?

(A) A promotional T-shirt

(B) A product upgrade

(C) A free car wash

(D) A gift card

  1. Who most likely are the listeners?

(A) Sales representatives

(B) Property managers

(C) Electrical engineers

(D) Maintenance workers

  1. What does the speaker imply when she says, “most people have a limited understanding of the topic’?

(A) A product must be redesigned.

(B) A topic should be explained clearly.

(C) A mistake could not be avoided.

(D) A task can only be done by professionals.

  1. According to the woman, what is the listeners’ goal?

(A) To meet a quota

(B) To lower expenses

(C) To recruit more employees

(D) To collaborate more effectively


  1. Who most likely is the speaker?

(A) An architect

(B) A store supervisor

(C) An event organizer 99

(D) An electrician

  1. What does the speaker say about mobile phones?

(A) They have been discounted recently.

(B) They will be centrally located.

(C) They can be updated quickly. 100

(D) They must be turned off now.

  1. Look at the graphic. Which area was added?

(A) Area 1

(B) Area 2

(C) Area 3

(D) Area 4


  1. Where does the speaker most likely work?

(A) At a library

(B) At a fitness center

(C) At a zoo

(D) At a museum

  1. What does the speaker thank the listeners for?

(A) Signing up for membership

(B) Leading group tours

(C) Agreeing to help with a project

(D) Registering for a newsletter

  1. Look at the graphic. Which amount has changed this year?

(A) $40

(B) $80

(C) $150

(D) $500

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